About us

A supplier of excellence. Dineru operates in the international market since 1990, the year it was founded. Its principal activity is the manufacture and sale of aluminum systems and accessories.

Our global presence allows us to supply our partners located mainly in Angola, Cabo Verde, Morocco, Algeria, France and Spain. We have invested heavily in developing Dineru Aluminium line of products, a brand that has recently established significant industry partnerships in Europe to enable the development of aluminum profiles and accessories, with modern design and highly competitive prices.

To control and provide more and better its customers, Dineru have been developing their own brands and product lines. The result of this investment was the creation of the following brands: Dineru Aluminium and Dineru Plastiq.


Dineru was founded in 1990 focused on the international market with intentions to expand their own business. Always visionaries, the company’s founders used their experience in international trade to solve a market need in terms of treatment of mixed loads. Dineru only provides the amount requested and only in accordance with the needs of its customers.

Currently, more than twenty six years have passed and Dineru already has a very solid structure, with customers in Africa and Europe.


The Dineru’s mission is to manufacture and sell quality products, invest in innovation and launch lines and brands of its own products.

We define realistic objectives and, with our professional and dynamic team, we work to satisfy our customers.


What defines us? Quality, Commitment and Innovation.

Dineru is responsible and only takes commitments that are achievable to satisfy customers, partners, financiers and associates.

We have invested in developing our own lines, in order to guarantee the quality and reliability of our products, with special attention to Dineru Aluminium, a brand that has recently established an important industrial partnership to enable the fast and continuous development of a very complete range of profiles, aluminum accessories, fasteners and locks, with modern design and competitive prices.